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Dealing With Stage-Fright

Most of us will have suffered from stage fright in our lives. That clammy palm, heart-racing, anxiety inducing feeling that muffles us when we anticipate speaking or performing in front of an audience.

So, in case you ever find yourself with stage fright, here's a few tips I try to remember before performing:

1) Breathe.

Focus on your breathing. By regulating your breathing rate you can slow your heart rate. This in turn can reduce feelings of anxiety and help to relax you, and to redirect any negative thoughts you may be experiencing.

2) Positive Thinking.

Don't think about what could go wrong but rather what could go right. Visualise a successful outcome.

3) Avoid doubting yourself.

Doubting your own abilities, or comparing your ability to the ability of others will only add to feelings anxiety, and will reduce your confidence in yourself

4) Practice, practice, practice!

Going over what your about to perform in your head can help to boost your confidence; this repetition almost acts as a reassurance that you do know what you're doing, acting as a confidence boost and helps to reduce anxiety further.

5) You don't have to be perfect.

It's okay to make mistakes, we all do it. More often than not, the audience won't even recognise that you have made an error, and even if they do, you're only human.

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