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Music and Health

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Something not many people may realise is that music can be highly beneficial to our health, and in more ways than you might imagine. As well as reducing stress, and improving sleep, music also has the ability to:

1) Increase endurance when exercising

- boosts physical performance

2) Improves memory

- music is often associated with a feeling or memory so when you listen to a certain song that emotion or memory is evoked.

- one study found that people who sung a phrase in an unfamiliar language were much more likely to remember it than those who learnt the phrase through speaking.

- Some believe it's the repetitive nature of music which improves memory

3) Reduces pain

- the release of dopamine (happy hormone) as a result of music lessens pain; dopamine modulates pain perception.

- listening to music, some researchers think, triggers the release of opioids (body's natural pain relief).

4) Provides comfort

- music has been seen to enhance communication

- helps with coping

- aids with expression of feelings, e.g. loneliness, fear and anger

5) Helps people to eat less

- soft background music while eating can help you pace your eating so you eat less in one sitting.

6) Helps children with autism spectrum disorder

- studies have shown that children on the autism spectrum, upon listening to music, displayed an improvement in communication and attention skills as well as an improvement in social responses




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