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Music in 2020

2020 has by no means been a good year. It brought us Brexit in January, WW3 scares, it brought covid, and with it, Lockdown in March, conflicting messages and restrictions from BoJo and a tiered Christmas.

But it also brought music. And a fair bit of it.

Music helped me tolerate this year, as I’m sure it helped many others. Taylor Swift, for instance, dedicated her time in isolation creating music. Working alongside Aaron Desner and Jack Antanoff she released two sister albums, “folklore” and “evermore” within a mere 5 months of each other, and announced 24 hours before each release. If you thought that wasn’t enough already, she has been re-recording her old music from albums “Taylor Swift”, “Fearless”, “Speak Now”, “Red”, “1989” and “Reputation”. All While claiming that there’s “not a lot going on at the moment”. Pack of lies!

Other artists that have been busy putting together and releasing music include:

- Eminem – “Music To Be Murdered By”

- Halsey – “Manic” and “Collabs”

- Justin Bieber – “Changes”

- Nail Horan – “Heartbreak Weather”

- Conan Gray – “Kid Crow”

- The Weeknd – “After Hours”

- Dua Lipa – “Future Nostalgia”

- The Strokes – “The New Abnormal”

- Black Eyed Peas – “Translation”

- Lana Del Ray – “Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass”

Alongside many others.

I think it is therefore safe to say that music found a way to single-handedly save 2020.

Here are some critically acclaimed best albums of 2020:




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